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Plasmid-Mediated Class 1 and 2 Integron Carriage in Drug-Resistant Nosocomial Isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii

Fereshteh Eftekhar 1 , Fatemeh Altayar 1 and Hannan Khidaei 1 , *
Authors Information
1 Departement of Microbiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences and Technology, Shahid Beheshti University, G.C., Tehran, Iran
Article information
  • Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases: January 2018, 13 (1); e57813
  • Published Online: January 27, 2018
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: December 14, 2016
  • Revised: July 9, 2017
  • Accepted: September 18, 2017
  • DOI: 10.5812/archcid.57813

To Cite: Eftekhar F, Altayar F, Khidaei H. Plasmid-Mediated Class 1 and 2 Integron Carriage in Drug-Resistant Nosocomial Isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii, Arch Clin Infect Dis. 2018 ; 13(1):e57813. doi: 10.5812/archcid.57813.

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1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Methods
4. Results
5. Discussion
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