About Us

Archcid is all about you.

More specifically, it’s about developing a better version of yourself with the aid of the latest advancements in the areas of medical, nutritional, sports, and biological research.

Archcid is a repository of informed & informative articles for people who want to enhance different aspects of their life by manipulating their lifestyles & biology.

Research is at the very heart of Archcid. All of the scientists who contribute to the site are strong believers in the scientific method – this is what separates Archcid from the vast majority of websites dedicated to health, wellness, or longevity.

Quality, evidence-backed data always takes precedence on Archcid.

We strive to deliver insightful, up-to-date, truly helpful information on natural health enhancement. We publish the latest news from the field of performance & dietary supplements, as well as recommendations for biohacking enthusiasts and in-depth product reviews.

Ultimately, Archcid is a place created for your benefit.

It is a place where supplement industry hype, propaganda, and pseudo-science are all avoided.

All of the information you find here is backed by rock-solid, clinical evidence. We will always listen to other people’s testimonials, but we will never let subjective experiences cloud our judgment. Instead, we prefer to have our opinions guided by robust trials and peer-reviewed papers.

Expertise & Experience of The Archcid Team

Why should you listen to anything we say on this site?

The answer is, you shouldn’t. Read our explanations for what we say and then verify it for yourself against the available clinical data.

We don’t encourage listening to somebody based solely on their expertise or authority.

Obviously, if someone is a leader in their field, then their opinion has more weight than that of a layman. But you need to listen to someone’s reasons – don’t just take their words at face value because they’re an authority, especially if their reasoning is that they are an authority!

That said, it’s still important to share who we are and what our experience is before you read our articles on health and supplements.

The contributors to Archcid all have received proper scientific education. Among us, we have master’s degrees in sports science, biomedical science, and virology.

Everyone from our team has vast experience using prebiotics, probiotics, and joint supplements. We have all tried and tested these substances on ourselves, with a combined experience of around 3 decades.

Over the years we’ve analyzed, researched, and tested many kinds of supplements. That said, we definitely have our forte. We are most experienced and knowledgeable in the area of flexibility supplements. You can find out more about our analysis of these supplements by visiting our news section of the site.

Who Are We?

It is important that you meet the team behind a website. While yes, knowing somebody doesn’t mean you can completely trust everything they say. It does show you where they are coming from, and it should make their statements a least a bit more trustworthy because they’re willing to put their identities behind them.

If you wish to learn more about the people behind Archcid, visit our meet the team page. You can also read our in-depth explanation on how we do our research. Alternatively, you can contact us directly if you have specific questions about our work.