Meet the Team

We are proud to introduce you to the team that helped build Archcid to where it is today.

We want you to be confident in knowing we really stand behind our opinions presented on the website. We try to never make unsubstantiated claims. Although we have a lot of experience with scientific research and supplement analysis ourselves, personal experience can cloud objective data. As such, we aim to stick to the good old clinical studies and meta-analyses when forming our opinions.

But it’s still important that you know a little about us, our backgrounds, and what makes us qualified to express our opinion on things like health & performance research, and joint supplements.

Here’s a brief introduction to each of Archcid’s main contributors.

Stephen Calderwood

Stephen Calderwood is one of our main contributors. He took over Archcid shortly after earning a degree in biomedical science. An avid marathon runner, Stephen Calderwood is passionate about improving his longevity and avoiding the joint problems that come with running long-distance.

Stephen Calderwood covers a wide range of subjects on Archcid, from longevity research to flexibility supplement reviews. Outside of his scientific background, he continually experiments with different ways to enhance his performance and improve his health. As an active person, Stephen is always looking for ways to protect his joints and extend his physical endurance. He uses multivitamins on a daily basis, and has lately been experimenting with prebiotic supplements. He reads voraciously about ways to enhance his life quality and extend his performance as a marathon runner, which has seen him become an expert on fitness recovery, joint health, and cardiovascular function.

Professor Valentino Peterson

V. Peterson, or just “Tino” to his friends, is an invaluable contributor to Archcid. While he writes little of our content, he does the heavy lifting when it comes to the research and scientific articles on this website.

Valentino’s background is pure science. He holds two master’s degrees – in virology and molecular biology – and has spent years working for a company producing diagnostic kits for people with hereditary conditions. However, like Mr. Collinwood, Mr. Peterson quickly got tired of the world of industrial chemistry, shifting his focus to academia & consumer media instead.

Motivated to bring the fruits of biotechnological development to the general public, Valentino works enviably to orchestrate the latest human health & performance research, helping to break it down into a more easily digestible form.