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Welcome to the Archcid website. A repository of scientific articles and news on the latest advancements in nutrition technology, dietary supplements, and human health optimization.

We are a small group of passionate researchers who are always on the lookout for the best and latest in biohacking.

The Archid team believes that a proper lifestyle – regular physical activity, nutrient-dense diet, sunshine, and supplementation – can improve many aspects of your daily life.

We believe that there are many ways to improve your health, sleep, physical function, and recovery.

To find solutions to modern problems, we are constantly researching the latest in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and herbs.

Our main goals are physical health, immune system optimization, and joint function. Our team also regularly publishes research papers on critical issues that we’re facing in regards to global health – breaking it all down into easy-to-digest summaries for our readers who like to “geek out.” 

We are committed to finding the best solutions and passing that knowledge on to you.

Here are some notable examples of the articles we publish regularly:

Keep in mind that this website is still in its early stages! Bear with us as we grow this into a resource you can enjoy. We appreciate your patience and are eager to inform as many of you as we can with our articles.

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