• Author(s): full name of all authors should be mentioned.
    • Method: [First Name] [Middle Name] [Last Name]
    • Exapmle: Marek Jan Brensht
  • Affiliation: Author’s affiliation contains only department and university not author’s degree or position.
    • Method: [name of department], [name of university], [city], [country]
    • Example: Molecular Biology Department, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Corresponding author: one of the authors should be picked out for possible correspondence before and after publication. Their address, telephone and fax number and email should be written.
    • Method:
      [Name of Recipient]
      [Full Postal Address]
      [Tel] Method: +[country code] [city code] [Phone Number]
      [fax] Method: +[country code] [city code] [Phone Number]
    • Example:
      Abraham Ranst
      Petersbon Street 2c, 6432 GC, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands
      Tel: +31 22 1234566
      Fax: +31 22 1234566
      Email: email@domina.com